How to Setup "Personal Hotspot" Feature on Apple iPhone 4



Personal Hotspot is a new feature Apple made available yesterday for all iPhone 4's with the iOS 4.3 upgrade.  This Hotspot can be used to wirelessly connect three other devices to the internet using the 3G connection of the iPhone 4.  If you are currently using the iPhone 3G or 3GS you will need to upgrade to the iPhone 4 to use this feature. You can get a free price quote and sell your used iPhone 3G or 3GS by clicking here.  To full take advantage of the Personal Hotspot, now you can connect your iPad to the internet with Personal Hotspot and forget about the 3G data charges associated with the iPad.  You can get a free price quote and sell your used iPad to get the new iPad 2 WiFi by clicking here.


First, let me explain how the Personal Hotspot can be cost effective.  The Data Pro 4GB Tethering plan from AT&T is $45.  My previous plan with unlimited data was $30.  So the difference is an increase of $15/month, and I lost my unlimited data, but I never came close to using more than 2GB of 3G data per month anyways.  Now, by canceling my iPad data plan of $25, I will effectively be saving $10/month and gain the ability to share my data connection over Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and USB.  Selling my mint condition iPad 3G 64GB to will net me $440.  The new iPad 2 64GB Wi-Fi model will cost me $699 + tax, or about $740.  Not only would the difference of $300 be justifiable given the increased speed, memory upgrades, and the addition of the front and rear-facing cameras, but saving an extra $10 in data cuts down on costs, and in two and a half years the iPad 2 will become a cost free upgrade!  


If you want to set up the Personal Hotspot and enable the long awaited feature follow these instructions:


1.  Log into your account at


2.  Click on "Manage Features"


3.  Scroll down to the "Web, Text, and More" heading


4.  Select "DataPro 4GB for iPhone" for iPhone 3G Tethering Features

(Note: If you currently have unlimited data this feature will be removed forever)


5.  Click "Next" then choose "Make Effective Immediately", click "Next," then "Submit"


Your new Hotspot feature has been activated on your account and now you are ready to set it up on your iPhone 4.


1.  Turn on or wake up your iPhone and go to "Settings."


2.  Tap "General" then tap "Network"


3.  Tap "Personal Hotspot" then click the toggle button next to it to turn it "On"


4.  The Wi-Fi password (removed for security purposes on photo below) should now be displayed along with instructions on how to connect via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and USB.  Follow the on screen instructions to connect other devices to your Personal Hotspot.




(Note: When you go back to your main "Settings" page, you should see the "Personal Hotspot" settings tab right under Wi-Fi)


You are all set up and ready to take advantage of your Personal Hotspot now!  



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